Monday, 6 March 2017


There are so many reasons you want a metallic skirt in your wardrobe. Let's start!!!

It's metallic, which equates to shiny, we all love shiny.
It looks great paired with colours or neutrals.
Nothing says girly more then something flowy.
You will look apart, in addition to feeling fancy.
It's bold and beautiful.
It can be dressed up and down, depending on the occasion. 

Metallic skirt is one of the most easiest skirts to dress down. Graphic tees and flats are a perfect way of dressing it down if you aren't too comfortable with the metallic trend.
Dressing up is even easier, add a bodysuit and heels.

I usually add a leather jacket or a bomber jacket for a chilly Melbourne night and the outfit still stands out.

I remember seeing metallic on runways and I never thought I could wear it with so much ease. It's fun dressing up in metallic as it's not too overwhelming like sequins plus it does the trick of being on trend.

If you are not sure about this trend but want to give it a go, click on the links below to grab yourself a bargain. 
Happy Metallic-ing!!

Silver skirt- Bardot
Champagne Skirt- Boohoo

- From my perspective

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