Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Welcome to another blogpost. I wanted to share something new I introduced in my wardrobe- The Sock Boots.

I have been wanting to buy a pair for a few months but kept delaying it, given the extended summer and sunshine we are getting in Australia but finally I thought let's invest in some Fall pieces and this is my first Fall purchase.

When I saw these boots online, I thought these must fit like a glove and they surely do and anything that snuggles keeps you warm (atleast that's what I told myself).

I bought these from Windsor Smith and they have so many options available. This isn't a sponsored post so believe me when I say, Windsor Smith boots are made to last and are super stylish.

For Sock boots, click here.
For the Velvet version, click here

Windsor Smith also sells Lipstik shoes in their stores and a few good options that I found are here & here.

I love this frilled white skirt from Seed Heritage and I posted it a few weeks ago. The top is from Kookai Australia and the fishnet stockings are from Target

Now, can we please talk about the choker? Well, the choker isn't actually a choker but a ribbon from my purchase at Hermes. We all know how precious that orange box is, so why waste the ribbon when it can be a beautiful accessory?

Hope to see you all soon rocking a pair of sock boots.

- From my perspective

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